Saturday, November 11, 2023

Game tomorrow!

Tomorrow we continue the delve in Felltower started almost two weeks ago.

To save my sanity, I'm not going to split-session the delve; that is, the PCs can't finish the fight, run back to town, sell/spend/recoup, and then come back. We've done that before and, on reflection, it's the worst of both worlds. I get most of the downsides of in-town dealings and all of the downsides of not finishing in town. Those town downsides? Rulings, rolls, more rulings, endless "Are we using the rules for X and can I order 10 of them?" but admittedly not the daily emailed questions I answer instead of working on the dungeon or non-gaming things. The downsides for ending in the dungeon? We either need the same set of players or people need to play other players' characters and sorting out the XP is weird.

The VTT seems to be stable so I think that should speed up the fight compared to last session's endless issues.

And hopefully "stay in the dungeon" pays off for the delvers.

We'll see tomorrow.

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