Friday, April 11, 2014

Basic Fantasy or GURPS Lite: He chose . . .

My student chose GURPS.

It might have been because I said I could teach him Basic Fantasy, but I could run GURPS from memory. Still, he looked at my GURPS books, my Moldvay Basic Set book, and Basic Fantasy, and had looked at Swords & Wizardry at home . . . and chose GURPS. Can't fault him for that.

I made him a 140-point guy, who I may post at some point. I ran him through an intro scene to Caravan to Ein Arris. He found the tavern where they were doing the 3-touch fights to select guards, talked to the recruiter, and then went and won the fight - barely, but he did it. Nothing fancy - straight-up rolls and no one rolled a critical. He got recruited and now has to find the caravan overseer.

It was fun, and we'll keep it up as the finisher English practice game if he enjoys it.

I figure if he gets really into it and/or wants to run it for friends, I can hand him Caravan, help him with chargen, and run other a different adventure. That's also why I chose Caravan - I know it back-to-front, and I don't mind starting him on it and then handing it off.

His homework was an essay and to read GURPS Lite (after doing his real homework, of course.)

Good stuff.

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