Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Champions Stuff Returns Home!

Way back in, I don't know, maybe the mid 1990s, my friend proposed a Champions game. I promptly loaned him all of my Champions stuff so he wouldn't need to buy it. We never played the game, despite much lobbying by the GM and myself (I wanted to run my hero, Martial Arts Guy!) The games followed my friend from house to house.

This past Sunday, I picked it all up.

My Champions Stuff

Here is what I got back:
Champions II
Champions III
Viper's Nest
(adventure from the boxed set)
Enemies: Villainy Unbound
Classic Enemies
Enemies II
Enemies: The International File
Day of the Destroyer
The Great Supervillain Contest (adventure)

I can add that to my copy of Champions 4th edition, and my cousin's old copies of Champions III and Day of the Destroyer.

I have no idea where the character sheets from the Champions boxed set are, though. I may have loaned them to my buddy, may not have - probably not. He's extremely organized and all of the stuff was all together in one box and had been together for a long time.

Getting back my original Champions rulebook was really nice. Nostalgic, really - I still remember the guy at the game store at the mall explaining the idea of point-buy games to me. Man, I couldn't save up money for Champions fast enough.

I rarely got to play. I'm a terrible superhero GM. Just bad. I can read comics, and I can get into the mode in my head to play, but GM? No, sorry. But still, I'd love to have gotten to play it more. The combat system was a crawl, but a fun crawl.

I'm going to enjoy reading these books again.


  1. Champions is still my goto system for superheroic campaigns.

    1. I actually really like MSH, too, but Champion chargen was so much better. Random rolling bizarre superheroes was a chore in MSH, but building a super from a concept . . . yeah, that was brilliant stuff. I used to sit and convert superheroes to Champions for fun.

      Combat could be a bit slow, though - the phased system makes sense, but I always felt like it dragged as people tried to interlace the phases of all of the combatants. Maybe it plays much smoother when I'm not running it. :)

    2. I'm really fond of Mutants and Masterminds (2nd or 3rd edition) for superhero games. The d20 system works pretty well for superheroes, it plays fast, and there are a lot of clever rules like Power Level and Hero Points that help emulate the superhero genre.

      I'm moving toward more narrative games for Superheroes, but M&M is a good compromise for people who are somewhat crunchy.

      And there's an SRD now (http://www.d20herosrd.com/) so it's more or less free!

  2. Enemies the International File was a disappointment, Viper's Nest was a blast to run back in the day when I first turned people on to Supers, and Classic Enemies is immensely useful.


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