Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some Grenadier & Reaper & GURPS on eBay

I have some auctions up on eBay.

Click here for all of them, including two dolls I'm selling on someone's behalf.

For the gaming specific ones:

Grenadier 5001 Dungeon Explorers (complete)

Reaper Gauth (complete)

GURPS Castle Falkenstein (because I have two, and I'm not sure why I need two.)


  1. I so wish I had kept all my minis from the 80's. I had all the Grenadier boxed sets and a ton more besides. Now, all gone.

    1. I wish I'd kept mine, too. I have many of them, but equally I tossed out boxes and inserts, traded some minis for others friends had, etc.

      I still have some of them, but most of what I have I re-collected later.


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