Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oops, the GM forgot the PC record sheets

Ah, crud. I think I forgot the record sheet for my student's GURPS character.

I hope I gave it to him and he has it.

However, I can't find the other sheets I had with it - I probably put it in my bag, and took it out with the other spare RPG stuff I brought to show him.

Oh well, I'll scribble one up quickly, and welcome him to the world of "the GM forgot your sheets." It's common enough. I have only a short time before he arrives . . .

Maybe I'll tell him about the time I forgot to bring the entire adventure and had to run The Ebon Stone from memory.

Update! Thank goodness, I gave him the record sheet to take home. He walked in early for class and just pulled it out. Whew. I made a copy so I can stick him in GCA, and why he's not in GCA already I don't know. That's where I made him up for goodness' sakes.

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