Sunday, April 13, 2014

Felltower Player's To Do List

Not mine, the list my players and I came up with. One of my players emailed it to me the other day, and as requested, I'm posting it. I put strikethrough on the ones they have (seemingly) completed, investigated fully, or dealt with. I put [brackets] and editorial notes next to ones that require some.

- narrow corridor lined with faces shooting jets of magic looking fire

- other narrow corridor lined with faces shooting jets of magic looking fire

- room to the right of the altar in the death zone

- room with altar and pillars that shoot jets of magic looking fire

- pit near to the player's handbook room [goes to the Flooded Prison]

- the statues [meaning the rotating ones, I think, not the lootable ones found much earlier]

- the headless busts [some heads found and re-attached]

- the big front doors

- the chained up doors near near the hydra

- the door with all the wards on it

- the cliff near the ropers

- the draugr

- the Lord of Spite

- the black metal door in the statue room

- the maze

- the doors near the maze

- the sunken stuff in the razor fish area [sort of dealt with - they spotted the mace last session]

That's the list, although there is clearly more out there to deal with - including a trap-laying gnome, the tunnel in the orc's area, the "escape tunnel" mentioned in the last session, Big John the troll, the gargoyles (Dryst still wants to use Enslave to recruit his "son" to his side), and probably even more I'm forgetting.

It is lists like these that make me realize my dungeon really has a lot going on besides monsters and treasures. Not a lot of factional politics that anyone cares about, but just depth of things to investigate. That's why we're still playing this game after a couple of years.


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome. You can thank Vryce's player, he kept a hold of it and expanded it.

    2. Ha, I knew it was him! But man, I have read through all of the past adventure logs and I don't even remember what some of these are. Awesome.

  2. 1. Looks like a fun list.
    2. Enslave is one of those spells that implies an assumed contract between PCs to not muck about with each others' agency, or an utterly trustworthy PC. Given what I recall about Dryst, I'm assuming the first.

    1. Most of them have Sense of Duty. Besides, one failed hostile spell roll - and Enslave is not terribly hard to resist - and the caster will be dead meat. That's a good enough in-game explanation of why it's not an issue, even if "don't mess with other PCs" is an out-of-game explanation.

      I also turned off the whole automatic telepathy aspect of Enslave. You need a lot of other underlying spells to get that effect, and "permanent charm" is good enough for 30 points.

      They keep swearing they'll Enslave the otyugh, but they don't want to spend the 90-120 points to try it. :)


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