Monday, April 14, 2014

Bones Show-Off: Candelabras

I knocked these off the other day, after a long time sitting half-done on my painting pile. And even longer in my desk drawer in the "easy stuff" pile.

To be honest, I don't get a lot of use out of terrain pieces. Not big ones, anyway. Generic stuff - doors, chests, pillars, these candelabras - this stuff I can get some use out of.

 photo Minis027s_zpsfc1e4807.jpg

 photo Minis025s_zps3674c889.jpg

I went with silver touched up heavily with metallic gunmetal grey (to come off as tarnish and wear) highlighted with gold. The candles are pure white.

The flames? Neither of those would be possible without this guide to painting fire on It works brilliantly, even with a line-painted set like this and a poor painter like myself. Close enough is good enough, and it gives a great suggestion of real flame. Mine aren't perfect, but from a white base, to yellow, to orange, to red - all blended, then tipped with dark red - really work well. The ease of the approach also means I can do it consistently, so the candle flames here and the torch on my Grenadier Hireling halfling both look alike.

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