Thursday, April 24, 2014

Half-Levels of Wealth in DF

So, maybe you liked the ideal of batch haggling in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, but either:

- you want less rolls


- you want assured results

and yet you can't afford a whole level of Wealth.

How about this?

Half-Levels of Wealth in DF

You can straddle the mid-point between standard wealth levels. The cost is 5 points, which results in the following levels:

Almost Poor [-15]. Starting money is $350. You receive 15% for sold items.

Almost Average [-5]. Starting money is $750. You receive 30% for sold items.

Almost Comfortable [5]. Starting money is $1.500. You receive 50% for sold items.

Very Comfortable [15]. Starting money is $3.500. You receive 70% for sold items.

Quite Wealthy [25] - Starting money is $12.500. You receive 90% for sold items.

If you allow these as starting levels, it's worth noting you are always better off with 5 points sunk into a half-level of wealth instead of 5 points worth of Trading Points for Money at the top level (Quite Wealthy) but it's a tougher call at the lower levels.

These are available to any starting character with the levels above and below the half-level of wealth.. For example, a Barbarian can start with Struggling or Average Wealth. Using this option, a Barbarian could be Struggling, Strapped, or Average. A Thief (Average, Comfortable, Wealthy) could take Average, Almost Comfortable, Comfortable, Very Comfortable, or Wealthy to start with.

You can buy this after play begins, but as usual, you do not receive the extra starting money, and of course, you cannot trade points for money in DF after your character enters play.


  1. Is this available in Felltower or just a general rules idea?

    1. I'd be willing to try it if anyone wants to buy it.

  2. Brilliant! Iam putting this to use!


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