Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Random Thoughts 4/22

Just what I'm up to.

Reading List

I need to re-read Beneath Castle Everglory, a partly finished GURPS adventure, and see if I can't help someone rescue it.

I also need to get my act together and re-read GURPS Banestorm: Abydos, which is one of those supplements I think get overlooked by non-GURPS fans yet which has some really wide potential appeal in fantasy gaming.

I also need to finally read Ken Hite's Qelong, but man, I want to print it to read in my spare time away from my PCs but it's odd size makes laying it out for printing a freaking nightmare.

Painting Pile

I've gotten some painting in - most Bones. Some orcs, some monsters, some demons, and some mostly monocolor human types. Plus the rest of the "terrain" from my original Bones collection. I've got a large queue going for quickshade and blackwashing.

Sadly, the el-cheapo brush I'd been using for over 10 years now had a run-in with some still-wet superglue and died horribly. I've had to demote my old W&N Series 7 to el-cheapo bruth, but I still never find myself taking out the new No. 7. Most of my painting is done with craft paints and cruddy brushes, and my techniques have kind of adjusted to that.


I threw in for the Lost City of Barakus, because it sounds cool and there is a S&W version for only $15. I might get $15 of use out of it, too.

There is also a Snarfquest re-print Kickstarter, but I already have the old one and I don't need another. Still, if you don't, you might want one.


I've made some serious headway on my re-stock of my megadungeon for next session (should be this weekend) and stocking some of the deeper levels that are coming into reach.


I started the Alien Menace game and we're taking another delve into the Castle of the Mad Archmage this Friday.

Otherwise I've been busy with work, school, study, and training. And the NHL playoffs, too, mixed in to the bunch.


  1. I did some editing of the adventure on the wiki when it was first released, and commented on some of the later encounters. The first couple of levels are good, but I found on playing through it that the encounter design just starts to fail around level 3 or so. The author wasn't particularly receptive to my commentary and I washed my hands of the project. It's not a bad project, but there's a lot of semi-decent dungeon delves out there and converting them to GURPS isn't that hard.

    Making a cool DF adventure out of some random adventure takes work, but just converting them isn't that hard.

    1. I think that's why he picked it. Since another author started it, it is a conversion. Somebody else already did the early work.

    2. It's not a revision, so much as I noticed that I knew the guy who did the maps. The maps aren't complete. With maps, it's a usable (albeit imperfect) dungeon. Without the maps, it's useless. And given maps, it's easy to upgrade it if you wish.

      Converting another adventure runs into all sorts of copyright issues - not a problem for a personal game, but a real problem for something free on the web I can point to as at least a possible free dungeon.

  2. Well, if you're revising it, take away the extra FP every frigging monster has. The author didn't seem to get the issue when I pointed it out on the forum.

    1. I'm not really planning on revising it, so much as helping the mapper figure out how the maps need to connect up.

  3. The non-Dysonize maps seem almost an afterthought, when compared to the excellent set piece descriptions. It has a thoughroughly wierd old-school feel to it, but the lower levels feel scaled against characters well over 300pts. I have recently been comparing CotMA, Stonehell, and Ruins of the Undercity along with Everglory for what I can mine for my mega, but I hate the drag of exploration that a pbp game had. Weeks of play would have been covered in twenty minutes of ftf.


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