Saturday, April 19, 2014

Who will face the Alien Menace?

Tonight is the inaugural session of Douglas Cole's Alien Menace game.

My character is A. B. Karabus, from Passaic, NJ. He's 6'4", 260 pounds, and carries a squad-support sized version of the teams 6.8mm weaponry, because he has ST 17. He's also the team leader, became someone needs to be and he's got Born War Leader 4.

Why ST 17? Because I couldn't afford a 20. Don't ask such silly questions! He's got Bad Temper, too.

He's loosely based on a certain A-Team member, the Swede from Heartbreak Ridge, Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket, Salvador and Brick from Borderlands 2, Lieutenant Breckenridge from the John Mackie book series "The Rat Bastards", a small homage to Roadblock from the old G.I. Joe toys, and a real life acquaintance of mine who is over 6', over 260, and has six-pack abs. I'm not that much of a mountain of meat, but I tend to have a hey-diddle-diddle-straight-up-the-middle approach to problems. Snipe it or stomp it, done.

(Click here for an animated gif of him in action!)

To be honest, I have approaching zero experience with gunplay in GURPS 4th edition. 1st-3rd, yeah. 4th, almost none. I played a session of GURPS 4th reviving my old Armageddon character, Bota Khan, but he's no fair comparison to gunplay at reasonable skill levels. In Armageddon he was a master of weaponry (by dint of long play) and lavishly equipped with super-tech weaponry. In GURPS he had Guns-24 or 25 or so and a recoilless weapon with ridiculous damage. It's not an experience I could really draw on. So I am really looking forward to figuring out the best way to defeat the Alien Menace with the heaviest MG I can carry.


  1. I just sent you a token from that picture. I like it.

  2. Hitting things until they fall over is a time-honored strategy, so I heartily endorse this character concept.

  3. Hell YEAH. I thought that you might be playing BA when I read the post about the cast of characters. Sounds awesome!

  4. Let's hope for a little more versatility than Swede, though. Or Doug'll punish you with his Technical Grappling rules.

    1. Obviously I bought Wrestling at DX+3 or so. :)

  5. Tracer Eyes (Tactical Shooting, p41) is extremely useful if you're firing multiple shots per turn. (Which I interpret as anything firing more than ROF 1 except shotguns, your mileage may differ)

    Targeted Attack (Tactical Shooting, p45) is also fantastic.

    Aiming is a must at anything but extremely short ranges, as is claiming bonuses for rapid fire (get a lot of use out of that ROF 12 man!).


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