Saturday, March 14, 2015

DF Delvers Developing

The party is beginning to take shape, ready for Sunday's game.

Asher Crest-Fallen, human holy warrior (270 points), run by andi. Raised from death, he's on a quest assigned by the Church of the Good God (although not technically his order, as if that matters) to investigate and destroy a possible case of Evil in the cold fens to the East. They clearly know more about the threat, but have wisely chosen to not to share it in case it turns out to be important. Need to know, and Asher doesn't even need to know that it's need to know.

El Murik, dwarf cleric (250 points). Run by Al Murik's player. Al Murik's brother. They share family blood, as well as nearly identical spell lists and weaponry, with some minor changes that reflect the spells Al wishes he had, in retrospect. Funny how that happened. He's out for revenge against whatever killed and ate Al, but the church immediately assigned him to help Asher.

Bjorn Felmanson, human barbarian (250 points). Run by Vic, who is coming for tryout. Born in the frozen north, he disdains wearing too much clothing in the "hot" south where - get this - sometimes the snow melts. He's an expert with his axe but, yeah, he's often nearly naked and doesn't seem to realize that's actually kind of upsetting to people adjusted to things like "modesty" and "pants."

(Not yet named), human wizard (250 points). Name as-yet unconfirmed. Run by Vryce's player. Specializes in necromancy and can't wait to figure out how to lich himself. How does an undead-loving necromancer get along with an undead-hunter holy warrior and a priest? Because raising undead isn't technically illegal - raising undead is kind of creepy and nasty and no one likes it, but it's not technically illegal to raise the dead of fallen enemies on a battlefield. Having zombies around will make the holy warrior's True Faith with Turning a double-edged sword. The necromancer himself has Clueless, and he really doesn't get that undead are creepy. It's magical meat golems, made from dead enemies! Now they're like your new mindless and rotting friends! How is that upsetting or weird?

Hannibal the Flammable, human wizard (250 points). Run by one of our players from our previous GURPS campaign that ended about 5 years back. They laughed Hannibal out of Fire College . . . but he'll show them, he'll show them all! Bwahahahahahaha! Hannibal is a little crazy, he's a branded and convicted criminal (after torching the sacred Wicker Dragon of the Grass City of Hedonland), and he specializes in a) burning things and b) examining the burned remains. He's deeply sure they're hunting him down, and he'll burn them all if it's the last thing he does.
We're all just assuming this is because, during the last campaign, the rest of the players shot down this player's idea to burn down Orctown.

Rahtnar the Vegan, dwarf martial artist (250 points). Run by Dryst's player. A beardless vegan dwarf (true vegans are beardless), with a sense of duty to his fellow vegetarians. Rahtnar wields twin dwarven axes, wears fairly heavy armor, and otherwise seems more like a knight than a martial artist. At least, until you hear him kiai and watch him parry arrows with his axes. His name is in no way influenced by another player's character from a previous campaign.

So it looks like two front-line-fighter-types (Rahtnar, Bjorn - one TBAM, one WM), a mix (Asher, a holy warrior but with almost nothing spent on the "warrior" part), a cleric, a death-focused wizard, and a fire-focused wizard. So 50% can stand on the front lines, and they have three spellcasters with a nice mix of spells.

Is that all?

Maybe, maybe not.


Two guys will play if they can make it, running their existing characters:

Galoob Jah, goblin thief (266 points). Galoob is heading for greener pastures, or colder swamps. After getting attacked by flying flaming skulls in Felltower and finding the only hot human women in the place were trapped magical statues has made him a bit uncomfortable with the whole megadungeon thing, so he's going to follow Asher on his quest.

Bern Brambleberry, gnome artificer (264 points). Bern needs money for his experimentation. Why head to the Cold Fens? Perhaps being a slugbeast for a while has made him pine for the swamps. And not just because I added the quirk "Sometimes acts a bit slugbeast-y." Maybe it's how he waves his pseudopods or tries to crawl on the ceiling, or all the pining.

I'm not sure where I'm going to find a beardless twin-axe-wielding dwarf-sized mini. I'm really going to have to dig, and do some conversions, before I've got the party well and truly duplicated in miniature.


  1. We had a lot of fun role-playing interactions in Nate's DF Jade Regent game between Doug Cole's Holy Smiting Holy Warrior and Bruno's Infernal Scout. Brother Cadmus didn't set Staver on fire *every* session, but it was a running joke that he might, and Staver wasn't particularly careful about firing into any melee with Cadmus. Good times, good times.

    In the campaign before that, Bruno was playing a good hearted necromancer (psychopomp?), and the interaction between her zombie minions and Nate's cleric Turn Undead was often problematic. It adds an interesting tactical issue to the otherwise potently but boring Smite and Turn Undead powers.

    1. The fact that the necromancer is clueless will help.

      Also, that I banned Excommunicated, because it's really a problem to have a couple of church enforcers hanging around with people tossed out of the church. That would add unnecessary intraparty conflict. Clueless necromancers just add amusing intraparty confusion.

  2. Sounds like the OotS bit about Belgar and explosive runes.
    It would be good to see more of Galoob.

    1. "finding the only hot human women in the place were trapped magical statues has made him a bit uncomfortable with the whole megadungeon thing"

      That sounds about right! And working on it! Hopefully make another of my yearly appearances and increase it to something moderately regular...

    2. You'll like this dungeon, although I'm pretty sure Rahtnar, Bjorn, and Hannibal have already decided which nude watery murder nymph belongs to whom.

    3. Is EVERYONE lecherous now?! This could provide for some interesting character interactions. I guess Galoob would probably back down every time though because, you know, Cowardice.
      /foreverAlone T_T

    4. The characters? No. The players? Maybe.


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