Sunday, March 22, 2015

DF Cold Fens - Passed Over Adventures

A little while back, I posted about what I was looking for in my DF game, some modules I was looking at, and then what I chose to implement.

Here are adventures I passed over, and to some extent why:

UK4 When A Star Falls

When a Star Falls (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module UK4)

Why I considered it:

- It has a mix of wilderness and indoor/dungeon.
- In the mountains, and I had handy mountains.
- It has an interesting mix of monsters, including some of the odder but well-chosen monsters typical to the UK series of adventures.
- It's a sandbox with a plot, which makes it easy to adventure in, with lots of things to do with lots of logical stopping points.
- It has a mix of a plot device that fits into DF (a meteor!) and something DF does well - gnome artificers.
- A mix of combat and negotiation, and plenty of chances to choose between them.

Why I rejected it:

- Maybe a little too much gnome artificer technology.
- It has a lot of fiddly bits, which would make it tricky to convert.
- So much to read, absorb, and have fluency in that it would take some familiarity to be comfortable using it. I didn't have that kind of time.

I may still use this adventure some day - it's really an interesting one, with a lot of interesting hooks and good places to adventure.

Mirror of the Fire Demon

I reviewed this here.

Why I considered it:

- Ready to go GURPS DF adventure.
- Mix of wilderness and dungeon.
- Fun hook of "rival adventurers" to drive delving.
- Overall excellent materials.

Why I rejected it:

- Some of the players went through significant parts of it.
- Maybe too big for a pickup basketball style game of delve-and-return.
- Desert. I didn't have a handy desert.

Secret Christopher Rice Adventure

Christopher Rice wrote a DF adventure and was nice enough to share the draft.

Why I considered it:

- Ready to go DF adventure.
- Mix of wilderness and dungeon, complete with hex maps.
- Well balanced and well assembled - neither too tough nor a steamroll.

Why I rejected it:

- Desert. As good as it was, it's a desert, and I'd decided a desert wasn't going to fit into my plans.
- Theme. I'd have to rename, relabel, and re-purpose some of the material to make it fit with how my world is working. That would take some work to do properly.

In Search of the Trollslayer

In Search of the Trollslayer: A Heroic-Level Adventure for Basic Roleplaying (Basic Roleplaying system) (The Mad Mayor's Dungeon Delve)

Why I considered it:

- Pretty cool dungeon delve.
- In a swamp, and I'd decided I'd like swamp or mountains.
- Pretty atmospheric.

Why I rejected it:

- A bit too powerful, if I converted it appropriately.
- A little difficult to convert, because it's been years since I played a CoC-based game system.
- Treasure a bit too rich, magically.
- A bit too small for delve-and-return. To do delve-and-return it would need significant expansion.
- Wilderness too small, so I'd need to create my own.

So out of five, I rejected those four. The other I took and used as the basis - largely intact - but I can't disclose what it is, of course.


  1. Too bad, I really liked the shellbacks.

    1. They're pretty cool, and I have minis that match them from a collection I purchased. I'd probably be too tempted to make them ninjas, though.


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