Saturday, March 21, 2015

Watery Murder Nymphs

I needed three watery murder nymphs for my DF game. Lucky for me, I had some minis ready to serve. I just needed to paint them fast.

Two of these, appropriately, are Reaper Bones II water nymphs. Or kelpies. Or whatever. But they're watery.

One isn't. It's a dryad or wood spirit of some kind, hence the drooping hair instead of flowing seaweed. But turning her tree into coral was trivial.

 photo watery murder nymph 001s_zpsho4cmm4m.jpg

All of these guys were a drushbrush job:

- base coat military blue.
- drybrush dutch blue.
- drybrush sky blue (heavy drybrush)
- drybrush white.
- dark blue touch-up on nipples.
- coat with acrylic floor wax.

The coral nymph had her coral done as:

- base coat antique white.
- drybrush eggshell white.
- drybrush mauve.
- drybrush pink.
- drybrush light pink.
- coat with acrylic floor wax.


  1. Nice effect with a simple technique. My eyes have trouble working with tiny details nowadays so I'm looking more at drybrushing and washes for effects.

    1. Myself as well. I've found that, especially for tabletop use, washes and drybrushing and the occasional blacklining/shadowing works very well for most of the minis I need to do.


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