Sunday, March 15, 2015

DF Session summary tomorrow

I'll post a full update tomorrow.

For now:

- we had five PCs and two NPC delvers.

- nobody was killed.

- nobody meaning no PCs. A few NPCs were left nearly so, one with a missing leg, and one PC-allied NPC terribly hurt.

- Apparently, "You guys should take Survival (Swampland) and Boating" was too subtle of a hint.

- the trip wasn't profitable, but it wasn't an empty haul, and lots of valuable intelligence was picked up.

- sometimes, you have to pay to get into the dungeon.

- skeletons are really vulnerable to shield rushing.

- Delvers with lust-related disadvantages on their sheets have trouble keeping their mind on business against watery murder-nymphs, even knowing the "water murder" part.

- Fire mages are really amusing to have around.

Like I said, full summary sometime tomorrow. I hope that covers it for now.


  1. Without hyperbole, Survival is second only to your weapon skill in a wilderness-focused game.

    1. It might even be first. Without a very solid Survival, you can't get to where that sword skill is useful.

      Lucky for the PCs they had a guide so they didn't need Navigation to get them where they were going, but coming back late and starved prompted points in Boating and Survival for the next session!


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