Friday, March 27, 2015

Future/Pledge Wash recipe?

Like the title say, does anyone have a good recipe for a Future-based black or brown wash?

I've been looking, but the best one I found so far is The Painting Clinic's video, but even so that's an ad hoc method done on the spot.

I'm looking for a recipe for a pre-mix wash that'll keep in a screw-top jar for a long time. Basically, proportions of X paint, Y Future, and Z water to make a dip/wash mix I can use on command. That way I can have the stuff around and brush it on each mini as it gets done, and not wait around for a big load of them and mix some up "just for now" and use it before it dries out.

As much as love the Army Painter Quickshade, apparently, I didn't seal up some of the cans well enough last time (maybe I failed to chip off enough dried gunk along the edges) and it dried up. I'm not putting another $25-30 down on a can because I only need it infrequently and it's a pain ensuring it doesn't dry out.


  1. I don't know about Future, but I have had acrylic paint mixes last for years. Old pill bottles work wonderfully for that.

    1. I'm probably just be paranoid after having so many inks dry to a hard crust within a year or two or purchase. Which sounds long except for the 5+, 10+, and even 20+ year old acrylics I have that are still going strong.

  2. My personal recipe is 1:4:10 acrylic ink/Future/water. I like the effect that gives, but you may want more (or less) intensity, so I would experiment if you can. It flows into crevices to emphasize them, but also lightly tints the whole model, so the black lining effect isn't too strong.

    However, the water seems to destroy the Future mojo over time, turning it into a simple black wash (just tinting the whole model). I personally use an oral syringe (formerly for administering oral meds to a former cat) and just dispense the ink/Future into water as needed. It will stay good for quite some time, but I haven't found out any visual way to determine that it has gone from 'magic wash' to 'muddy wash' other than ruining a miniature.

    1. Thanks, that helps.

      Actually I did a small mix yesterday of just ink to Future, at about 1:10 or 1:12 ink:future. It worked pretty well - I have a glossy shine, and it mostly blacklined the recesses. I'll try the mix you suggested and compare on two similar minis and see which works for me.

      Thanks again!


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