Saturday, March 7, 2015

Honduran Ape City

This is one of those articles which inadvertently acts as the elevator pitch for a GURPS campaign:

Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest

Or to put it better - Lost APE CIVILIZATION Discovered in Honduran Rain Forest, And For Some Reason We Need Former SAS Bodyguards. You know, for reasons.

Gee, GURPS Action anyone, combined with a crypto-zoological/Planet of the Apes bent and a crazed Bond villain with his ape army? Monster Hunters, finding all-too-horrible proof that apes ruled us in the past and were-apes walk amongst us?

You could easily re-skin this for an 19th century explorers campaign set in Space:1889, a Call of Cthulhu-type investigation game, a Cliffhangers game, or peel it all the way back for fantasy gaming (although you wouldn't have archeologists.)

It is kind of sad, though, to see that King Gorillicus the Great's great empire went the away of Ozymandius's mighty works, though.


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