Sunday, March 1, 2015

Game day

It's game day today.

We'll find out:

- Who is tougher, Mungo and his trolls or Raggi's Roughnecks (sans Raggi)?

- Do the PCs have some tricks up their sleeves? For that matter, do the trolls?

- If the PCs are tougher, can they survive their victory, get the loot, and escape with their lives?

- If they don't . . . what are they going to run next?

- And will snow cut our session short?

I'll post a brief summary tonight even if I lack the time for a full summary.


  1. Vryce only man ever whip Mungo...

  2. Go Raggis Roughnecks! I hope they survive so we can continue to hear about their fantastic exploits. If they defeat Mungo, can you post his stats someday, as I generally find it tough to stat huge creatures in gurps.

    1. Once Mungo is finally killed, I'll post his stats. If I do that beforehand, my players will (justifiably) read them, plan an exact method to kill him, and otherwise take all of the mystery out of him.

      What they do know is that he does 8d+24 with that hammer of his. :)


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