Sunday, January 10, 2016

Emergency DF session!

So today was our scheduled Gamma Terra game.

I woke up later than usual, checked my email, and lo and behold, our GM was sick.

Could our Star Wars GM help us make guys and start the regular campaign?

Nope, not ready yet.

So it fell to me to run DF.

The whole point of my DF game is that it's low prep. I can run on no notice. But that's my megadungeon. The Lost City is a little more dynamic and needs a bit more prep. Not only that, but since I had two more weeks until our next scheduled DF game I had:

- taken my whole GM screen apart to re-do with stuff I actually find I use.

- taken all of the major PC and NPC minis out of my game box to organize.

- left all of the NPC minis and monster minis I needed in their long-term storage crates (usually I put them in the transport box the night before.)

- taken all of my game materials out of my backpack and game transport box to re-organize.

- left all the of rumor-writing, restocking, and double-checking of game rules and setting notes for next week.

I basically disassembled my gaming setup.

So I said, sure, I can run game, but I'll be two hours late. I still managed, though, with a fast pass through the city file, some very quick rumor writing, grabbing all the minis I thought I'd need, and shoving all the books into my bag and box.



How was game?

It went well. I'll put up a summary tomorrow, probably at night. But:

- we had a nice little skirmish with some dire vultures and a harpy.

- the PCs finally found the lost eye of the giant statue.

- we had a great big exciting brawl on top of a step Pyramid vs. a mass of mowgli and pentanthers and a were-bear.

- we had lots of grappling, and our first disarm attempts in maybe the last 10 years of play.

- we found out that Hjalmarr actually doesn't fear snakes. Spiders, ants, centipedes, the word "bugs," and more, but not snakes.

- one PC got back an arm, another one had his left hand bitten clean off and devoured.

- we ended game in the city, because it was a shorter session and the PCs are, in the game world, pressed for time.

Like I said, summary tomorrow!

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