Saturday, January 2, 2016

Casting Room Minis Adventurers

It took a few weeks, but the Steamship HMS Ready Slow brought my Casting Room Miniatures adventurers set to my door just prior to the new year.

I busted them out, and here they are:

 photo Casting Room Adventurers 001s_zpsyz8wrxzc.jpg

I love the eyepatch guy, and the domino mask on the thief. "I'm off to commit . . . certain deeds. Bye!"

And the back, since they're adventurers - backpacks, spare weapons, ammo (often forgotten on sculpts):

 photo Casting Room Adventurers 002s_zpsvjo5fylh.jpg

The armored crossbowman has a broken crossbow, sadly, but since I have another order on tap from the company I asked them if they could send a replacement with it. We'll see - if not, I have some delicate pinning ahead of me. I'd hate for them to have to spend the money to mail me just that one guy internationally, so hopefully they get my email before they process my other order.

That's not all of them - there is also this cleric, who I decided to paint first.

 photo Casting Room Adventurers 003s_zpsj7kgiqm0.jpg

 photo Casting Room Adventurers 004s_zpstohcmywf.jpg

His mace is a swap. The original has a dinky little mace and I don't like how it sits in his grasp (it looks like he's bent-wristing it or grasping it short) so I replaced it. I have some small-sized weapons from Thunderbolt and I put on that mace. I was originally going to do a warhammer but the mace really looked good next to him.

He might be the most generic of the bunch, but I love his pose. If only it wasn't 33 degrees and humid out, I'd spray-prime him and get to work.

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