Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cool Dungeoneering Miniatures Games

I love these kind of setups (pics behind the cut):

Dungeon Crawl 2015 (at 1000 Foot General)

Otherworld Skirmish- Burn Baby Burn, Part I (at Plastic Legions)

They remind me of the setups I used to do as a kid, with everything I could make terrain out of and all of my HO-scale soldiers. Plus, they're just flat-out beautiful.

Meanwhile, I have hex maps with circles drawn with dinnerware. It'll do, but it's simply not as cool.


  1. Now and again, I think of the dungeonscapes I could come up with if I just printed up enough modular parts with the 3d printer. Then I think:

    1) it'd take weeks or months of printing to get that many and

    b) I still wouldn't be able to use them because they're based on square grids, and there's no way I could get a hex grid superimposed on them all.

    1. b) is tough. It would have been nice, in retrospect, if GURPS had started not as hex-based, but as inches-and-arc based. Like Car Wars.

      I know there rules to do that, but they're not as easy as just sticking with hexes.

    2. So I know this was literally a year ago but if you're still looking for 3D printable terrain for use with GURPS go look for stuff intended for Heroscape. There's a couple of communities out there making up models for 3D printing to use with that game/system and the only thing holding me back from doing it myself is the entry cost of a 3D printer.

  2. GURPS works surprisingly easily on squares, as does D&D on hexes - or even switching squares and hexes within the same play session.


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