Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spoilers of the Mad Archmage

So that is what's up with those hobgoblins in the corner of level 3 of the Castle of the Mad Archmage.

Surprise Kills Obmi


Me, I know him from the Gord books, and of course G1-3 originally.

The Repulsor Ray story I know from Gary Gygax's Dragon column.

I didn't realize we'd skated so close to it.

We probably weren't going back, either.

Oh well. Let's just say we heard about what's there from rumors in town.


  1. Actually, the hogo-Obmi alliance is only one possibility for how the factions on that level play out. And ... you may or may not be right about the actual location of his secret lair ...

    1. It's true. And Tenkar may move stuff around. But the details seem to fit together.

  2. Always good to see things go right for the PCs now and then ;)



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