Monday, January 18, 2016

Revised GURPS Magic: Hold Fast & Wallwalker

Here are some tweaks to some Movement college spells that don't get used. Why don't they get used? They're a bit specific and weak, at the same time. For more, see my roundup page of these posts.

Hold Fast

Never used because it's so weak and specific. But it can be better!


What's with the -2 for odd angles instead of the usual penalties for height and posture? Maybe it's in addition, but generally, spells that let you move under your own volition don't come with DX penalties. One cast on you where movement is externally controlled, even by an ally, do inflict penalties - Levitation gives a -3 DX, for example.

It's also expensive. Ugh.

Here are the revised versions:

Hold Fast

Negates knockback. Can also be cast instead of making any DX-based roll to fall down; if the spell succeeds the subject remains standing. The spell is cast at a penalty equal to any penalties to DX!

Cost: 1. Cost 2 if cast on a subject other than the caster.


As written, but replace the last line with "Combat may be affected - apply the usual penalties for combat at different levels (p. B402)."

Cost: 3 to cast, 2 to maintain.

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