Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All D&D editions available in PDF?

Today, Wizards of the Coast released the Original Edition - aka White Box D&D - in PDF.

I didn't get it, because I have all of the books already.

But it's on my list for their next sale.

It seems like, at least up to 4th edition, you can get the core rulebooks for almost all of the earlier D&D editions.

So what have we got?

Original Edition

B/X & the Cyclopedia

1st Edition AD&D

2nd Edition AD&D

3rd Edition D&D

4th Edition D&D

5th Edition D&D (no rule books yet, that I can see)

Nice. I'm glad people who want these books, and who don't have them, can finally get to own them all legally and buy them on demand.


  1. Holmes Basic is still missing, if you consider that a different edition. It's debatable.

    1. I'm curious where they'd categorize that, too. But I made sure to say "almost" - I saw Holmes was missing. Still, it's been less rare than the white box D&D stuff which should be the biggie in terms of PDFs.

    2. I'd definitely consider Holmes its own edition.

      That being said, I'm quite pleased with these releases.

  2. Original, B/X, Holmes, and 5th Edition are my favorites so far. I only have 5th Edition's basic rules for my own though, and I can see the appeal in the more advanced and nuanced rulesets. Of course I also like D&D a lot more for the flavor than the mechanics (hence my love of GURPS DF)


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