Friday, January 15, 2016

Recent Party Addition WIP

I've done a little painting on the newer party member minis.

Hjalmarr is finished, but these guys are still ongoing.

 photo Lost City Party WIP Jan 2016 small 002_zpszi9zffso.jpg

 photo Lost City Party WIP Jan 2016 small 001_zpseutm3the.jpg

Left to Right: Brother Ike, Mo, Quenton, Hasdrubel, Kenner

Mo is the most finished of the bunch. Brother Ike next. The other three are coming along slowly - Quenton and Hasdrubel have a lot of finicky bits, and Kenner is just a color challenge. What colors, after all, should a green-haired elven scout where except a lot of subdued greens and browns? So I need to make his details stand out but also keep using basically two colors for everything. This is why pirates are so fun - any color is okay! It's also why I paint orcs like pirates with fashion issues - I can bust out any colors and leave the color wheel aside unless I'm trying for a specific effect.

Mo is actually coming out much darker than my model, but what the heck, I can always lightly up-color him and then drybrush him. And the deep brown on him now kind of makes him look really intimidating. So we'll see where that goes.

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