Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Casting Room Adventurers: Cleric

So the temperature rose and the humidity plummeted the other day after all, so I got this guy primed and painted out of my new set of adventurer figures.

He was an easy paint, because almost all of him is armor. I liked the gold-highlighted armor of the painted figure on the manufacturer's website, but I thought bronze would look better.

 photo Casting Room Adventurers Cleric 001s_zpsiplxdeqr.jpg

Back foul blog reader! Back to hell!
 photo Casting Room Adventurers Cleric 002s_zpsmq1lulmr.jpg
(The mace swap looks great from that angle.)

 photo Casting Room Adventurers Cleric 003s_zpslxv9o2ef.jpg

Why I do specialize in healing magic. How did you know?
 photo Casting Room Adventurers Cleric 004s_zpscavo4wnt.jpg

All I did was:

Prime black.
Basecoat metallic gunmetal grey.
Base coat mace handle, cross, and backpack in nutmeg brown.
Base coat hands tan (gloves, not flesh).
Base coat bedroll nubby linen.
Add bronze highlights.
Add red on cross.
Touch up armor with metallic gunmetal grey.
Brown Magic Wash wood and cloth parts.
Black Magic Wash mail.
Coat with Acrylic sealer.

Done. Took minutes, really.

The pictures came out a little bright, so it makes the edges of the bronze seem smeared - they're much more crisp in person.

He'll need to wait a while to seal, but he's ready to adventure if I need a plate-armored cleric in the future. And if not, he's just very cool.


  1. Looks sweet! He'd be a perfect ally once we leave the steamy jungle :)

    1. What, his loadout doesn't seem conducive to rapid travel through a tropical environment?

  2. You are a painting BOSS, sir. And I was just looking at clerics in DF1 :)

    1. Don't overrate me. Guys in full armor with minimal gear are easy. It takes more time to file off the mold lines, wash the minis, and base it than to paint them! It's why I have about a dozen Hundred Years War knights in my collection . . . SO easy once they covered themselves head to toe with plate and ditched the shield.


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