Saturday, January 30, 2016

Black Tree Minis arrived

Most of my order of minis from Black Tree Design arrived today - some backorder stuff is coming later, but the rest is here.

Here are two of them - the others I prefer to keep back for now as a surprise.

Below are (left) the orc chief and his victim, and (right) the barbarian king and his ride.

 photo Orc and Barbarians 002_zpsuyio5rkh.jpg

 photo Orc and Barbarians 001_zps9axmc7gf.jpg

Actually, seeing how they are pieced out, I'm tempted to use the king as-is for a barbarian chief, but his two men could easily be holding a female mini I have around here. I'll have to see if her feet position matches well enough with their hands or with a shield. A shield, for sure, but it seems better if they carried their "dainty" queen by holding her feet. We'll see.

And by the way, keep an eye out later for a summary of my first game of White Star!

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