Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Old Minis: Grenadier Drider and unknown wizard

Here are two minis from my collection.

I doubt I painted the drider. I did re-glue his crossbow on, but otherwise, he's as-traded-for, probably from Jay A. back in elementary school or junior high. He's pretty intact, if only because I never use driders so his job is to sit in a padded desk drawer for decades on end and do nothing.

 photo Drider and wizard 002s_zpswnhi8lap.jpg

 photo Drider and wizard 001s_zps7fdxhcs7.jpg

The backpack on the drider is a nice touch. It's nice that he's got some actual gear. And a backup sword over his back. The color scheme is good.

The wizard is odd. I definitely painted him - I can tell because he's colored with no primer using blue enamel paints. I had some enamel paints when I was a kid. In fact I still have the set because it nestles nicely in the back of a drawer where nothing else fits and acts to backstop my assembled/painted Ogre garage.

I remember these guys coming in a four pack either painted or unpainted. I have no idea who the manufacturer is. I'm certain I got him and a few other wizards - long since traded, lost, or destroyed - at a Jamesway out in western NJ. Same place I got a lot of my very early gaming stuff. How he lost his arm, I don't know. I'd love to find out more about that mini. He's pretty cool - if he was intact I'd paint him. I'm thinking of restoring him somehow, but I always get a little worried about digging holes in lead. In any case, he's got some unclear markings on the bottom of the base including a "G" and an "H" but I can't get a clear shot of them with the camera and lighting at home.

Editing later: Thank you Chris Katulik for pretty much instantly identifying the wizard as a Mike Carr Heritage Series mini:

There he is on the right, and the other guys are definitely familiar. I'm sure I got the lot in the same blister.

Yet more bits from a gamer who never seemed to keep anything intact but didn't chuck anything away, either.


  1. Two of the miniatures in the lower picture (the middle two) are Heritage Dungeon Dwellers. One is a wizard and the other is a sorcerer. They are from the Caverns of Doom and Crypt of the Sorcerer Paint n Play sets. You are lucky to have them. I am trying to collect the sets for nostalgia purposes.

    1. I only have that guy on the right - but I remember the others, especially the guy shooting flame. I played with them a lot, which is probably why he's long gone now. :)

  2. I always liked driders for some reason. Being part spider I imagine they would be very stealthy and plus being those who failed Lolth's test would likely have made them even more bitter that the average drow.

    1. Maybe it's because I just never use drow, either.

    2. Drow were my favorite villains.

  3. If you like Heritage' s Dungeon Dwellers minis line, you should definitely check out @

    It's a great resource! =)



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