Sunday, February 7, 2016

DF Lost City NPC: Kasias the Guide

Here is another DF NPC from my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game. This is Kasias, a guide. He's only made one trip with the PCs. He's based on the Native Guide template from Dungeon Fantasy 16: Wilderness Adventures.

I didn't make up a mini for Kasias because I didn't have a good "native guide" looking mini, and also, I didn't expect to need him once the PCs had to actually pay a reasonable salary to keep him. I was right.


Kasias is native to the lands near the Lost City of D'Abo. He's made a few trips the city in the past, and so occasionally hires out as a guide when bold adventurer types (or rich locals accused of crimes) make a trip to the ruins. He's a good navigator, has an excellent sense of direction, and knows the jungles (and surviving in jungles) well. He's no fighter, though, and will flee or hide if threatened. He has a low sense of his own value, though, and works fairly cheaply.

ST 10 HP 10 Speed 5.75
DX 10 Will 10 Move 5
IQ 10 Per 13
HT 13 FP 12
Dodge 8 Parry (Knife) 7

Blowpipe (10): 1d-3 pi-, ROF 1, Shots 1(2), Acc 1, Range 40.
Small Knife (11): 1d-1 cutting or 1d-2 impaling, Reach C.

Traits: Absolute Direction; Illiterate; Social Stigma (Minority Group); Wealth (Poor).
Quirk: Gives cryptic hints (sometimes accurate).
Skills: Area Knowledge (Lost City Area)-12; Blowpipe-10; Climbing-9; Knife-11; Navigation-12; Stealth-11; Survival (Jungle)-14; Weather Sense-10.

Gear: Blowgun; Loincloth; Monster Drool (x2); Personal Basics; Pouch; Small Knife.

Notes: He can really use some better venom for his blowgun.


  1. How much did he cost? I think it was more a case of "we used him, we came back broke, didn't hire him again, then forgot to ask if he was available once we had cash again."
    Oh well.

    1. $30/day or $200/week.

      It's too late now - this is pretty much your last delve into The Lost City, and even if you make a 6th trip, he won't come - more money to be made following the pilgrim stragglers after the camp breaks down.

    2. The $200/week is the same rules as for upkeep, I'm guessing?

    3. I'm not sure what you mean. It's his salary.

    4. Even if it's two months between playing DF you still only make us pay one week's worth of upkeep. I was just asking if his weekly salary would be the same. Or do you only pay for in-game time that you take him (during the session) and he fends for himself while you're gone?

    5. Ah, sort of. You'd have to pay for all of the days adventuring, which might exceed that, but you don't pay for the extra "off" weeks.

    6. Gotcha. So it's potentially cheaper, but most likely kind of comparable to upkeep costs. Can I farm out Kenner to them when I'm not there? ;)

  2. Yeah I'm curious about the cost as well.


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