Saturday, February 6, 2016

Outstanding customer service from Casting Room Miniatures

I mentioned Casting Room Miniatures a couple times on this blog. They're a sub-line of Wargames Foundry's excellent miniatures line.

I picked up a set of their adventurer minis.

You can see one of those guys painted here: Casting Room Adventurers Cleric.

In any case, when I got them, one was dinged up.

The second guy from the left in this picture, has the right arm of his crossbow snapped off:
 photo Casting Room Adventurers 001s_zpsyz8wrxzc.jpg

I ordered a second pack of minis after those arrived - some spear-toting Greeks I just figured I'd like to own and paint. So I emailed them and said, if you can, please send me a spare crossbowman. If not, not a big deal, I'll figure out a fix or conversion.

Today those Greeks came in the mail.

Was there an extra crossbowman from FA01?


There was a complete set of FA01.

I now have duplicates of every single one of them!

That's outstanding.

I'll have to decide if any of these guys is so cool that I need to keep them as duplicates, or maybe I'll have to give them away and spread the pewter love.

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