Sunday, February 28, 2016

DF Pre-Summary

We had our final session of The Lost City today. It ran a little late, so I won't have time to get a summary up.

It featured:

- Talking to statues

- Fighting crocs (briefly)

- A big long brawl with vegepygmies, shambling mounds, and ambulatory killer plants in a swamp

- And a look at the revised Windstorm spell (short version: Still cost effective, less roll-y and less unbalanced)

The fight took much of the time, once you factored in a slow start because we hadn't be able to get everyone together for a little while.

It was all in all a good session, though. I'll spoil it - no major casualties.


  1. Can't wait to get back to the dungeon. Delving in forbidden jungle cities with time limits and inclement weather makes for a lot less fun. This was 3 sessions, we should have quit last time. We gained nothing, spent a lot of resources. Thankfully the loot from the monkey temple and Rangel Grott's house added up.

    1. I was actually really enjoying the "travel, raid, return" aspect of The Lost City, but if you guys didn't enjoy it, that kind of sucks. The time limit was so I didn't have to run 40-50 sessions in The Lost City until someone finally said, "Okay, we won't explore and map that one last building, time to go." That at least worked.

      But yeah, pushing it a third session was clearly not worth it. Some interesting stuff happened, but I think it was more "sunk costs" ("We've come all the way here and we missed the bell, let's stay and find it") than a real plan to recover it.

  2. I really liked it a lot (then again, I like wilderness adventures). I think the "downer" was that the dice REALLY went against us last session, and we may have put too much faith in certain information that we gathered. A few minor tactical mistakes ended up crushing the group's ability to find the second bell last session.

    1. You were nowhere near the second bell yesterday. Better rolls would have been a more favorable kill ratio, but even if you'd run the table on the vegepygmies they didn't have the bell. Hasdrubel rang it and it didn't sound the deeper note for being close - which happened at much further distances than the entire length of that fort!

      You guys basically missed the bell when you decided to let Rangol Grot run away into his house, then didn't pursue him closely (or at all, for a while), and didn't keep any watch on escape routes.

    2. Yeah, we got caught up in the moment and probably should have rang the bell upon approaching the fort. C'est la vie.

    3. It also apparently didn't occur to us that he might be invisible and still in the house.

    4. Yeah. Well, the bell would have stayed visible. But he grabbed it and went out the secret door exit (which you guys found) and took off. I don't think that's a huge spoiler - you just literally had nobody watching that area. Everyone was doing something, or specifically watching for the pygmies to come back from where they'd run.


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