Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Door Week Continues: Door Minis III (& rules)

Yes, it's still Door Week here at Dungeon Door Fantastic. Tired of doors yet? Probably.

But I did find a perfect set of miniature doors, including double doors, that open and close.

The bad part is there were a one-off Kickstarter and the creator doesn't seem to be making any more right now. Grr! "Now" is critical, because a) I'd like doors sooner rather than later and b) there might be a birthday involved.

Here are those doors:

Griffin Tamer Studios

And this video has a nice review, although you really don't want to breathe so close to the mic pickup like that.

So yeah, perfect doors, except I can't get them from the creator. eBay and Amazon.com turned up blank. Double Grr!

Enough Door Minis!

What, you don't love reading about door minis?

Even if you do, you're probably sick of just looking at doors. How about opening them?

First here is a roundup of some posts I did about doors before:

Opening Doors in D&D - How to turn the "open doors" roll into a "roll over" ST-bonus-based roll.

Secure Doors in my DF Game - How I keep doors from just being battered down.

No Roll "Muscling Through" in DF - How I do door opening in GURPS DF with only one roll, not a contest. I use the smoothed penalties, myself, and we roll only if I've determined the door is locked or stuck. Doug will hate this, it has a ST roll. But it works really smoothly in play and is consistent with the rules in DF2.

Second, here is a piece of new gear, just for reading this far:

Swords & Wizardry
Crowbar - 2 gp, 5 lbs. Two hands. Gives a +1 to opening door rolls, or extends your range by 1, depending on the rules you use. May affect rolls to lift portcullises or gates (GM's discretion.)


  1. I adoor this post. The whole week has been adoorable.

    1. Saw the opening and just made your entrance, then?

  2. Replies
    1. As long as my posts aren't barring you, it's all good.


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