Monday, February 8, 2016

Orc Chief assembled!

I got that orc chief assembled:

 photo Orc Chief 001s_zpsjpyjbogr.jpg

It took some clipping on filing on the bottom of his shield - it's got a ball-and-socket kind of arrangement to make sure it fits in the right spot, but it didn't work so well. I clipped that off. It also has some gaps in the shield, like it's an old and broken one.

What I did was try to epoxy it on, but that failed utterly - too much space. I realized that in a few seconds and removed the epoxy.

Next, green stuff aka Kneadatite. That worked like a charm - I got some rolled up, flattened out a little, and stuck the chief on. No glue - I've never found I needed glue to keep two parts greenstuffed together staying together. It's adhesive enough.

My camera hates extreme closeups, but you can see some of the Kneadatite in there. I made sure to let it fill but not pop through. I have to make sure to paint those bits the color of the victim's clothing.

 photo Orc Chief 002s_zpsznvxbh2l.jpg

Too bad we're looking at snow showers today and tomorrow, I'm really read to prime this guy and go. The orc should be pretty fast, but the victim will take some work. It'll be worth it. A good victim adds a lot to a mini.

Still no idea what I'll do with him, exactly. Probably just deploy him as any other orc. He'd make a great statue, too, but he's too fun not to do as a real live orc.

By the way, I put all my pics behind "more" tags all the time now. I'm trying to keep the page friendly to pay-per-byte downloading. That way if you see a "more" tag, you know, come back and look on an unlimited use line. Or just skip the posts about my minis collection.


  1. Replies
    1. If you only knew a dungeon with a couple of levels full of orcs to fight.

  2. The green stuff sounds like a nice trick. I've never used it as an adhesive this way, but I always have had trouble with gluing metal bits together, so I'll have to give it a go next time round.

    1. I find it works better with gap-filling and for larger surface areas. It's not very tacky, exactly, and dries slowly. I haven't really done it for very small spots, yet, but for assembly? Yeah, I've often used it instead of epoxy or in addition - epoxy the center, with a ring of green stuff around it, stick the parts together, and then sculpt and shape the green stuff to make it a seemless mold.

      For guys with awkward weapons I've sometimes made a "hand guard" or for hand-and-weapon mounts added a green stuff "wrist band." Much stronger connection, and my players don't notice it's custom unless I point it out.


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