Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Painting WIPs Part II

I got in a few hours of home study and lectures, and put paint on eight minis and did some basing and assembly on three others.

Here are two updated shots of the ones from earlier today:

 photo pirate and adventurers and banderlog 002s_zpsmbcxe9ae.jpg

 photo pirate and adventurers and banderlog 003s_zps6kjdsixk.jpg

Three are basically finished. The grappling hook dude needs a touch-up after I accidentally touched him with a hand with a little paint on it. I got it off, but it darkened him a little. Fixable.

The banderlog just needs sealing, as does the crossbow knight. I could have done a lot more with the knight, but I liked the simple approach there. Better done quickly than done cute with the backlog that I personally have.

I'm going to get a little more work in tonight while I finish up a little more listening.


  1. I have to admit that, while I normally scan through your minis posts with mild interest, the phrasing "WIPs" ("Work In Progresss"?) kind of bugs me.

    1. The grammar of making an acronym plural is a tricky issue. I go with treating acronyms as nouns.

    2. Kind of like the RBI v. RBIs debate. ;)

    3. I'm a "grammar is descriptive" kind of linguist, not a "grammar is prescriptive" kind of linguist, so I'd say RBIs. And ninjas.


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