Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More painting WIPs

Lots of painting and modeling on tap this week. I've got some open blocks in my schedule and a bunch of audio presentations related to one part of my career I need to get in this week. I find I can keep pretty close attention to what I'm hearing while I'm painting . . . but if I go and do something else (cleaning, organizing, reading, just sitting there) I'm not as attentive. So, it's a twofer: I get some simple minis done, and I get in a bunch of hours of work-related education on top of it.

Here is what I'm working on today:

- an old TSR Banderlog. Yes, a banderlog. No, I don't know why they chose them either.

- two of the FA01 Adventurers.

- a pirate from some old toy set.

- filing and prep on a multi-piece mini. I've actually got five of these multi-piece minis, because I needed parts for another project. At the time, you couldn't order just pieces. In any case, it's a slow slog to filing every single piece and them assemble them.

Here is a snapshot of a couple of them:

 photo pirate and adventurers and banderlog 001s_zpslgm1cmal.jpg

I'm also hoping to get more work done on Mo and Hasdrubel for my DF game. There is still too much humidity to prep the orc chief, though.


  1. Love theguy with the grappling hook

    1. Thanks. He's one of those "practically paints himself" kind of minis. I'll post an update later - a few hours of audio study + paint = a few minis finished!

  2. I recognize your pirate. I love that set for its cannons!

    1. I forget the name of it, it's boxed up and in partial storage. Did you mean the big shooty cannons for the game, or the smaller terrain pieces?


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