Monday, February 15, 2016

More Doors & Cardboard Heroes Stairs

Some perusing around found me some doors. A fair amount of pictures in this one, so it's all behind the More tab.

First, it turns out Mantic has some plastic doors:

I don't really feel like ordering from Mantic in the UK, but here they are on

That's a start for double doors, at least.

I found them thanks to this review.

Dwarven Forge naturally has more doors. Still no double doors, but they have a painted set:

And a nice painted set that has less doors but has some nice accessories. They also have a city door set I'd find largely useless, except it has double doors! There doesn't seem to be a way to get them piecemeal, though, which means digging on eBay. I might just email Dwarven Forge and ask - a door set plus a couple of pieces, or just a few double doors and variant doors, or something like that, would be nice.

I also looked into paper, and I thought, maybe I have some. A while back I got a pretty good deal on Steve Jackson Games's Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors. There are 1-yard doors, but they're just counters, and there are no double doors or ones suitable for conversion.

In any case, instead of cutting it up like I did my Cardboard Heroes set, I simply color-copied the pages I needed a couple times. Recently I had a little time to work and busted out the copies and some cardboard, and made these:

 photo Cardboard Heroes Dungeons 001s_zpsxzygyuqn.jpg

- two staircase corners (or maybe spiral stairs?)

- three 6.5 yard long x 1 yard wide stairs.

- one 6.5 yard long x 2 yard wide stairs.

They're all double-sided, and reversible (so the dark-striped "down" and light-striped "up" back one another.) I really need to make another 2 yard wide staircase so I can do a very long staircase, and make a 3 yard wide staircase, too. They're made precisely enough that you can cut the edge off a stair and reverse it and it'll mesh with the others. Seems like I could probably do 3+ that way, too.

Those corners are kind of odd - they've got a weird squished hex in the middle, and I'm not sure if I should cut them in half or leave them as-is and just figure out how to adjudicate those hexes. I tried a cut-in-half version and it works okay for stairs that turn suddenly, but that's about it. Not great for L-shaped stairs as the hex facings change. Annoying.

I also need to make a landing, for those C-shaped staircases I'm fond of drawing on maps (down-landing-down-landing-down.)

For reasons I can't recall now, I have one page of dungeon floors extra that's not from that spiral set. Maybe it came with something else, or maybe it was a one-sheet sale and I needed to fill out an order for some reason. That'll go on the auction block.

I actually ordered from Dwarven Forge circular stairs and staircase bottoms from eBay years ago, from the same guy I got the doors from. He went out of business after cashing my check, though, and I never got them. I think I paid $18 for the pair, which still hurts. But I'd buy again, if I had to.


  1. I'm starting to have more doors than I can probably ever use, including a duplicate set of the Mantic ones, if you'd be interested in a trade.

    1. Hmm. I have lots of Bones and metal minis I'm never going to use. Do the Mantic doors open and close? If not, what are those other doors you speak of?

      I'll email you later.

  2. I wonder what DFRPG will give us. I originally assumed we would get regular Cardboard heroes, but it would be nive if SJ Games updated it slightly.


    had doors and dungeon furniture.


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