Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Orc Horde Groweth

Actually, one of these is a hobgoblin, but I painted my previous versions as orcs in the past and I'll keep doing so.

But here are four more of the TSR Monster Tribes figures I picked up a year back. I had a full set when I was younger, but traded some away.

In any case, I had these four fully intact from a recent purchase and painted them up between work.

 photo Four Orcs 001s_zpsni0kmxez.jpg

I'm not even sure how many orc minis I have at this point. I should take them out and count them at some point . . .


  1. Pig nosed orcs! The only orcs for *my* game, I tell you what.

    1. I'm nose-agnostic when it comes to orcs. Any kind of orcs will do! Pig-faced, fanged, thick, narrow, big, small - they're all orcs to me. :)


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