Sunday, December 11, 2016

Felltower pre-summary for 12/11

We had a great game of Dungeon Fantasy tonight in Felltower. I'm sad why we had a game of Felltower - I was looking forward to Gamma Terra a lot and I'm sad our GM couldn't make it.

That out of the way, we had:

- a fight versus criminally underused rat swarms.

- a lesson on why you don't want Crushrooms to hit you.

- the orcs turning the PC's weapons against them.

- flaming orcs.

- long hikes due to indecision.

- exploration on the level discovered a few sessions back.

- discovery of a pair of gates!

- discovery of a campaign tie-in.

- a one-on-one duel between Vryce and a sword-spirit.

- giggling demons.

- flaming Mo.

- the Lord of Spite's sense of humor is revealed again.

- Hjalmarr displays the mapping skills that made Vikings legendary.

Much fun was had. I'll write a summary tomorrow.

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