Monday, December 5, 2016

Last 24 Hours for Dungeon Grappling

We're into the last 24 hours for Douglas Cole's Kickstarter for Dungeon Grappling.

At this point, it's still $5 for a copy of the PDF, somewhat more for a print-on-demand copy shipped to you.

It will be:

- full of art

- full-color art, at that, hopefully including this (which would make a great cover, actually, for either this book or an album by an obscure metal band that did a Beowulf concept album.)

The rules cover everything from old-school D&D compatible rules to Pathfinder and D&D5, and they're good. They make grappling interesting, viable, and fun. "I grab him!" is no longer an I win button, an I choose to lose button, a game-derailing moment that forces books to be cracked open, or any of that sort. It's direct and interesting and a balanced choice.

Don't overlook this - $5 gets you a lot of book, for a lot of systems, which a simple and elegant rules set within it.

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