Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cutting wordcount from game writing is not fun

I'm currently engaged in the toughest part of any writing gig - cutting wordcount.

I managed to get something written, but then even after a lot of edits, I pared the words down by only a few dozen. It needs to be more like 1000 or so.

That now means substantive cuts. I can re-use the material elsewhere, of course, but it's tough to decide what needs to get ripped out.

It's tricky - take out A, and maybe B depends on it. Or C makes less sense without A around. It's no easier to just find shorter ways to say the same thing. It's time consuming and difficult at best.

So that's what I am up to - it's been a busy work week, lots going on outside of work, and lots of editing and cutting of a game-related thing I wrote.


  1. Can you hint what the item on which you're working is?

    1. I really can't, sorry. I have no idea what's known and not known about it publicly.

  2. When I do this with triskelion it sometimes changes the meaning or leaves orphaned ideas. I feel your pain


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