Friday, December 30, 2016

GURPS Ultra-Tech from Createspace

I received my copy of GURPS Ultra-Tech in softcover yesterday.

First, a big thumbs down to the USPS. I was home all day on this rainy day. Did they ring the bell when they dropped off the book? No, they just put it against the stoop and I eventually found it when I went down to see if the mail came. The book was okay, but only because the cardboard absorbed the water. The book spent five hours getting pressed under a pile of big books to de-wave the page edges.

Second, it's easier to order the book through's main site than through Createspace. If you've got Prime, it's a no-brainer to just toss the book in the card and check out.

The book itself is attractive. It's well printed, pretty much - the spine writing is a bit off-center, and it's a little deeper down from the top of the book. The margins are correct - none of that text too close to the edges problems. Th edges of the paper are crisp and clean although there are some odd streaks on the edges that don't bleed through to the main contents. This is a little annoying - shouldn't printing books be something easily done now, not just "close enough"? It doesn't impact the book's value, but it's annoying.

The contents are fine - Ultra-Tech is written by David Pulver and Kenneth Peters, who both did a great job.

I need to email SJG and put in a vote for getting GURPS Martial Arts in this format. Partly because I'm a co-author so I'd get paid for copies. But mostly because I'm a co-author and I own two copies (three if you count the one in Korean) and my players own like 2-3 copies across a group three times that size. We need more physical copies. I'm not sure what the problem with putting basically everything out of print up for Print on Demand via Createspace. I hope more books get added.

I'm already enjoying flipping around and reading random entries. That's what I love about tech catalogs. I don't really look for a specific thing such as read around and find things I'm interested in at the moment.

I'm not sure how the other books are.

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