Friday, December 16, 2016

New Release: Pyramid 3/98 - Welcome to Dungeon Fantasy

No time to give it a full review now, but SJG released a new issue of Pyramid Magazine today. The release caught me a big off-guard. Usually, it's Thursday, and I was expecting it yesterday and when not yesterday, next week.

Earlier is always better when it comes to completed releases.

Check it out here:

There are monsters from Christoper Rice (including a mimic by me, which tried to eat the PCs in my game back in the Cold Fens), an Inn scenario by Matt Riggsby, campaign-running advice from me that's bound to annoy people who already know it to be wrong, and the usual columnists weigh in - Steven Marsh and David Pulver. And that was a run on sentence and this starts with a conjunction.


  1. And the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln!

  2. This was a nice surprise -- I guess it was a reward from the Dungeon Fantasy RPG kickstarter that I'd forgotten was coming. So, if you might be in the same boat, check your warehouse23 account and see if there are any things labeled "COMP" in your downloads.


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