Thursday, December 15, 2016

HEXMORFO - modular 28mm scaled hexes

Thanks to GURPS Megadungeon for posting about these. This is a pretty neat replacement for Cardboard Heroes: Dungeons Floors


HEXMORFO Templates Set A (XL)

Seems like it would be effective way to generate small dungeons that you can just put out in front of the players as you go. Nice. Combine these with Cardboard Heroes and the Great Salt Flats and you can make some bigger ones I'd bet.


  1. Awesome - thanks for this link. Now, to decide what to print them on...

    1. Could print on paper then glue onto cardboard to make them nice and thick

    2. That's certainly an attractive option. I'm tempted to go the whole hog and get them printed on Gatorboard (or - probably more likely - print them on paper and then stick them to Gatorbord). That wouldn't be too expensive, I think.

    3. Or print on thick paper and laminate. Idk many options

    4. And how many copies to print. Since I'll probably see the need to reuse sections...

      Great resource, though!


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