Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Black Tree minis year-end sale

If you missed the last sale but you're very jealous of my sorcerer and boar and dwarves, EOE Orbis is have another sale. Fantasy cavalry and infantry (and lots of monsters count as infantry) are 50% off:

Historical infantry is 50% off and Doctor Who is 30% off.

EOE Orbis Weekly Sale

Just FYI.


  1. How do these (mostly the humans, if you have any) size up next to Reaper's?

    1. I will try and get pics up. Generally the Reapers, especially Bones humans and Dwarves, are bigger than everyone else. More like 30/32mm instead of 28mms.

    2. Indeed, but miniatures-heavy board games (especially the CMON-like Kickstarters) tend to scale with bones, and between those and Reaper, that covers almost my entire current collection.

      Thanks for having a look, though - some of these look really nice at half the price.

    3. I just ignore the minor differences in scale and don't let them bother me too much. I suppose if you're using primarily Bones and 30/32mm boardgame pieces, you've got to stick with that. You'll miss out on some great figures, though.


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