Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gamma Terra tomorrow

We're playing GURPS Gamma Terra tomorrow.

Our last session did not go as we'd hoped.

We wanted to figure out how to peacefully get the mechs from the mech factory.

We wanted to keep a non-hostile relationship with the Little Thieves.

We wanted to demonstrate our value to our new allies, the Fit, and get things from them in return.

Pretty much, we failed at all three.

We didn't figure out how to get mech or more mechs.

We have a hostile relationship with the Little Thieves.

We did nothing the Fit can't do on their own and plenty they don't want to do (see the point just above this one.)

So now what?

I'm not sure. We've got some ideas of where to start next session, but unlike a lot of them, we've no specific plan. This is bad, because the last time we had no specific plan and just did something that seemed there to do, I think Hillbilly got irradiated and mutated. It should be interesting . . .

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