Friday, October 27, 2017

More DF-to-DFRPG switches in my game

We've made a few (more?) changes in our switch to using the DFRPG boxed set as the basic rules on the table for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Felltower.

- Resistant is now using the 1/1 cost structure, max 6, of the DFRPG. I like that progression. Existing characters can keep their levels as-is. One modification is that Clerics can take Resistant to Evil, just like Holy Warriors, because that's been a consistent thing in Felltower.

- Some Power-Ups, specifically the ones available in the boxed set, are available right out of the gate. Others are also allowed as well. These also include Psychic Guidance (modified), Flawless Fast-Draw and Flawless Nocking (from Pyramid 3/61), and Strongbow. Mostly this is because despite putting most of them on the "only after play begins" list, people routinely made up characters with them or who needed them right away. Clearly, people want and expect them, so it's easier to say yes once than say no over and over. This isn't so much a switch based on the DFRPG boxed set, but it is prompted by making it since some of these were allowed on starting guys made with the books there instead of DF1.

- Armor is as in the boxed set. We settled on existing suits of armor staying as-is unless someone wants to upgrade by DR. SM -1 and under delvers use the DFRPG boxed set rules, making light armor or orichalcum plate their best choices. SM+1 and higher delvers use the rules from DF1 and DFD:Barbarians. New suits are all based on the new armor rules.

So far, so good. I'm trying to keep all of the changes PC-positive, or at least PC-neutral, so you're at least as well off as you are now. If you want to make the effort to, say, sit down and re-design your armor to match the new sets, or swap out your Resistant because 1/1 is a better deal, or whatever, you can. If you're lazy or satisfied with what you have or both, you can stand pat. And as the GM, I don't need to do anything more than acknowledge the change made.

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