Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lost Hall of Tyr - so, so close

Douglas Cole's Lost Hall of Tyr Kickstarter is so, so close. $2,485 pledged, $2,500 to fund.

Someone go throw him $15 so the poor guy can exhale!


  1. And I've upgraded from a $1 lurker - $2504! Great project, great creator; well worth it.

    1. Indeed you are! I usually wait for the last few days to fix a final pledge, but if it gives this project a boost, then I'll respond to your prompt and get in early!

    2. And your conversion was noted and welcome! What crossing to $2500 allows me to do, now is estimate the proceeds from the KS at this level and then start commissioning artwork in advance of the campaign close to accelerate the project. So this is *excellent* for me - it means I can start cutting checks to finish it up ahead of time!

    3. Glad to hear it :) You've been one of the most organized/communicative creators I've seen, and that includes the 'professionals'. Let's let you get on with this thing!

    4. Biggest thing I could ask for - and I'm honestly not sure how to go get it - is an influx of new backers to push both print and PDF into the "solidly funded, closing on stretch goals" territory. I seem to be learing why SJG doesn't do a lot of adventures. I figured 200-300 backers was a no-brainer, and double that was not impossible. It's STILL not impossible, but my pitch or the general distribution of what I'm doing is missing on some strokes. Marketing is hard.


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