Friday, October 6, 2017

Video Games to Finish / Never Finish

I have a number of video games I just haven't ever fully finished.

Games to Finish

Ultima IV - I never did finish this game, although I played it a lot back in the day (well, co-played it with my cousin R~). I got stuck finding the stones in the dungeons this last playthrough. So I located my savegame tonight and restored it to my current PC. I will get this one done. I do really want to check this one off - it's just such a special concept of a game.

Darklands - I've slain dragons and disrupted cults, but I haven't followed through on the full devil-worshipping cult thing. I need to gear up a little and just track down the witch's meetings and get to it before I completely forget what any of my cryptic game notes mean. Ultima has some of the same issue - I need to really sit down and look outside of the game to see what I've done in the game. No automap, no game logs, no quest lists - it's just a lot of bookkeeping and it makes it hard to pick a game up months or years later and get right back to it.

Fantasy General - I was doing well until a) I hit a very tough mission and b) I went on a visit to my family abroad. That was sufficient to derail my play; I need to get back to this and finish it up.

Numera - This one I haven't even started. I backed the Kickstarter, and it was so late that by the time it arrived I didn't want to invest time in a game. So I waited for a major patch; one came, but I still waited. I haven't even fired it up once. I should do that - I sank $15 into this, I should get some fun out of it.

X-Com: Apocalypse - Another game I was playing until a trip to Japan, and then I set it aside and didn't come back to it. I've won it before, back in the day, but I was enjoying my replay through it.

Sam & Max Hit the Road - Have it, haven't played it. I would like to, as I'm a fan of Sam & Max.

I have a bunch of games GOG gave me for free (Steam, not so much), that I may play at some time: Neverwinter Nights Diamond, Ultima: Savage Lands, Akalabeth. We'll see.

Games to Not Bother With

Bard's Tale II / III - As much as I love Bard's Tale, II and III frustrate me. I just can't work up any enthusiasm to finish either of them.

Wasteland II - I finished this a couple of times, but my last play through just ended with a whimper when I got tired of it. I think I'm done here. Wasteland itself, the original, never held any interest for me.

Dungeon Keeper - I think I've had my fun here. It's repetitive after a few missions.

I have some others, but not ones I've spent any time on. And I'm really hurting for time now - but when I'm overwhelmed with work, I often find 10-15 minutes here and there to play video games to get a mental break from work. So maybe questing after Avatarhood might do, or blowing up the city to save it in X-Com.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah. You can see how enthused I am by the prospect of getting to play.

  2. Wow, you are a seriously old school video gamer.

    I dust off MoM, MoO, MoO2, X-Com Apoc, and Jagged Alliance 2 every few years and play all the way through myself. Nothing quite like those old classics.

    1. Well, I'm older still than these games, generally.

      I have MoM installed and play it occasionally. I don't usually play until victory because once it's a forgone conclusion I don't really enjoy it as much. I think I played enough MoO and MoO2 that I don't miss them - Civ and Civ II, same thing. I think I'm done there. MoM just has so many possibilities I never got to try out.

      I never got into Jagged Alliance. I tried, but I just couldn't get a handle on why I didn't like it to get past that.

      I should probably track down Wizardry and play that - I won that game a few times, but it never got old. Nothing like a steep, steep learning curve and high fatality rates but with great rewards to draw me back in.


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