Sunday, October 1, 2017

Recruiting new delvers for Felltower

Our next session is a few weeks away. But based on the last session, there is a strong need for new delvers. Only one of the players who lost a PC last time has an in-play PC they can pull out next time - and that player retired that PC and doesn't seem interested in running him again.*

So Vryce is apparently gathering a team of delvers to go find his old adventuring companions. Coincidentally there will be just as many of them available as there are players who need new PCs. The universe moves in metasterious ways. Presumably he's putting up posters and circulating the word.

I have to wonder what the criers and posters and such are saying.

"Wanted: Foolish men and women for a dangerous expedition assured of killing some or all. Must be willing to split the cool magical loot with the guys who failed last time."

"Operation Go Get My Dead Buddies: Volunteers only. Guarantee healing if you're alive, Final Rest if you're not. Impressive delvers may be hired full time."

"Need More Income? 5,000 sp or more per day!"
Sundays only. Must provide own weaponry and Resurrection funds."

Or maybe Dryst will write one?

"Servants Required!
Combat-ready servants required for totally safe mission. Must be willing to die so that Dryst can escape. Experience opening doors and carrying loot a plus!"

Mostly I'm being silly, here, but still. What kind of people are looking for this kind of work?

* Gale's player retired Christoph, the scout.


  1. Doesn't Vryce have at least a moderately good record of bringing helpers back alive?

    1. Sure, but overall? The fatality rate for delvers is very high.

    2. If you count resurrections, isn't it somewhere near 90%?

  2. This might be a consequence of players having, and keeping in play, very high-points characters. Those characters are very powerful and useful, so there's an incentive to keep using them on every delve--which means that they only retire when they die.

    While that makes sense from the perspective of the player, who wants a powerful, effective hero, it creates an in-game situation where there are few delvers, and very few of them, ultimately, survive.

    For such a long-term game, largely set in one area, you might need to create artificial rewards for running lower level delvers (or a stable of characters). I think you went to a system for requiring more powerful delvers to earn more loot for equivalent CP, but I know it wasn't always in place. Otherwise, you may see more of the same with the next crop of delvers.

    1. You have some good points. I think one reason people keep running the same guy is they're always wanting to develop that character. While I might complain about folks not being sure what to do next turn, they're always planning ahead of how to spend their next points.

      Incentives for lower-point delvers might make sense, although that'll very quickly get them to higher points as the only inventive worth going after are extra experience points.

  3. In a world where normal hirelings trend toward the 125pt weight at best, 250pt weight peeps are mighty dudes already

    Though gear is a factor, Vryce is not only scary due to being nearly double point weight of a 250pt guy, he also is well kitted out

    My 200pt character, from a low level 62pt to start campaign, I'd be willing to match up against starting 250pt weights due to 138 CP worth of sessions of gear

    So not only will the new replacement guys be weaker than Mo st al, they will lag in kit to

    1. This is true - and the dungeon restocks slowly, with treasure showing back up least of all. Enough gear to equip many parties has come and gone. At least in this case, recovery might be possible. Those who go and try to get it, though, will certainly be less well equipped.

  4. I think "Operation Go Get My Dead Buddies" is probably the best of the bunch... the others don't inspire, how do you say, confidence.

    1. Yeah, honesty can really kneecap your recruiting pitch.


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