Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Spell: Rebuke Evil

If you missed it, Sean Punch added a new spell to the DFRPG:

Rebuke Evil

It's an anti-evil spell that's available to wizards, clerics, and druids alike.

I'd probably add some negative prereqs - you can't be Excommunicated, you can't generally be evil (a combo of traits and actions, not a specific list of traits). But otherwise, this seems pretty good. It's definitely going on the cleric list - clerics of the Good God causing evil beings to take damage and flee is very in-setting for Felltower. I'd just need to say the Good God started to add it.

Druids and wizards - not yet. But it's a nice spell.


  1. I'd actually get rid of the "can't be evil" requirement. It just feels very appropriate, somehow, for evil people to go around blasting each other with Rebuke Evil. Maybe it's that I grew up on Tolkien and his belief that evil was inherently self-destructive, or maybe it's that so many people doing evil in the real world are gratuitously hypocritical.

    1. Oh, I feel evil is inherently self-destructive, but this is pretty much calling on good gods to smite evil. It's a weakness of evil in the face of good, not of evil in the face of, well, everything.

      Plus, if evil could easily smite evil in this way, and evil can drive away evil, then really, you're just taking something away from being good. Too many players see the world as Good vs. Cool, and giving evil all of the upsides of being good just feeds into that.


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