Thursday, October 12, 2017

DF: Cut Rate Resurrection III (Felltower edition)

A while back I wrote two posts on cut-rate Resurrection for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy:

Cut-Rate Resurrection

Cut-Rate Resurrection II

With a number of PCs dead in my Felltower game, and with our switch to the DFRPG as the main game engine*, questions have arisen about how we'll deal with Resurrection and its cut-rate varieties.

Felltower Resurrection

The church in town can cast Resurrection. Cost is $15,000. Results are not guaranteed - results are subject to the rules for the Resurrection spell from GURPS Magic, p. 94. This is a change from Exploits, p. 62-63, to maintain consistency with how we've run Resurrection the whole game so far. PCs are not suddenly available to be restored, no fail, no roll, no concerns about time between death and healing, thanks to this rules switchover. Felltower is GURPS DFRPG on hard mode!

Cut-Rate Resurrection works per Exploits, p. 67. Every $500 or fraction thereof you are short on the required donation** is -1 character point. The player may pick and choose what they'd like to lose, subject to GM approval - you can't pare away skills and advantages and purchases you regret and save money doing so.

. . . and that's how we'll do it.

* Not a big change, but still, lots of little changes here and there.

** Which I assume is to cover the recharge costs and material energy costs of healing, not just their time. In other words, they're not price-gouging you and leaving the poor dead. They're taking a required sacrifice because something must be expended in order to effect the return of the dead to life.


  1. Stupid question, but: does Luck work on Resurrection rolls? I think this might have been answered in the past, but I forgot. Asking for a friend. ;)

    1. No, it doesn't work. Neither do the Lesser Wish or Wish spells.


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